How can we improve Microsoft Band?

Don't discontinue the band!

Rumor is that the Band is going the way of the Zune. Don't kill it! Keep it!

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    Jason shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Aza Bittinger commented  · 

        Save the MS Band 2! Best product on the market. Resolve the band breakage and bring it back. Absolutely love it for running, golf, text, calls and sleep. Get new marketing as this product over delivers related to advertising.

      • Kevin G commented  · 

        I was not sure what this tear issue was. Until last weekend. Luckily though, I had the forethought of buying another MS Band 2 off of Ebay. Allegedly it is new and well, it is not torn. I have looked around at other fitness trackers and agree. None have all of the same features as the same price point. Or at least give some other company all of the data specs and such so it can live on. PLEASE.

      • Steve S commented  · 

        I have tested out the Fitbit and Garmin neither one has all your features at as good a price point. You have the best device just fix the tearing issue. Best tracker get better marketing please. same goes for the 950

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Asides from the splitting issues and BATTERY problem, it seems like the band is the best one there is out there. Continue the band, which I doubt since Microsoft doesn't really care about this forum anyway.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I have owed a number of fitness bands and out of all of them the Microsoft Band 2, by far, excels all the others. Microsoft has the edge on user friendly, excellent data usage and visual appearance as well comfort wear. I am sorely disappointed that the production of this devise has been discontinued and hope Microsoft reconsiders their decision. It really is a GREAT product.

      • yakcog commented  · 

        Agree! Fix the band separation issue and keep selling them!

      • Micah commented  · 

        While it is critical to "deselect" certain projects and products to stay laser-focused on what matters, I would argue the Band 2 definitely falls into the "what matters" category. It's a really useful and easy-to-use piece of tech that you quickly find to be indispensable.

        When I explain to others why I love it so much, it basically comes down to the approach Microsoft had when developing the product. If they ask me if it's a smart watch, I tell them "No". If they ask me if it's a fitness band, I say "Yes, but it's a fitness band with some really advanced features." It's primary directive in life is to be a fitness band, but a lot of the most practical and useful features of a smart watch have been incorporated. This approach has resulted in a product I continue to be excited about and have always been happy to recommend to others. Microsoft got it right with this product and people who ask about my band are always impressed with the approach.

        What I don't really understand is why I repeatedly receive comments like, "Wow, I really like your fitness band. I didn't know Microsoft made one." It's like a serious investment was made in the user-focused design and function of the band, and then budgets got tight and Marketing was only given $9.99 for advertising. It's really sad, because I definitely give Microsoft credit for a job well done in developing the Band 2. Microsoft has just been an utter failure in communicating with future customers about how well the product can meet and exceed their expectations in what a fitness wearable can do.

      • Martin commented  · 

        Wait...what? They are discounting the best fitness tracker on the market? WTF?

        Its miles better than the fitbit and Apple Watch...whose genius idea is this?

        This is the one device that has made me consider switching from an all Apple ecosystem, I figured if the band was this good maybe the other devices were as well....if they dont know a great thing when they have it, maybe I'm better off sticking with apple.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Please continue Band2 and update the actual 'band' part of the device so that it does not crack and break. This device is AWESOME. I love the accuracy and the band is so comfortable..


      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Just make the better rubber strap and launch the band3. Other than applewatch (which i won't buy even if i have everything else Apple) there is nothing out there that even comes close to the looks and features of the band (Garmin is uuugggllly and Fitbit without GPS is a joke). Samsung is not working with anything but android.
        Common MS - watch Steve Jobs movie and learn to pick yourself up and go after the next big thing - band3 :)
        I actually love your new surface line and Windows 10. You can become cool just don't drop thins so fast!!!!

      • Howard commented  · 

        The band 2 has been an absolutely wonderful. Asset to me for improving my sleep. Guided me to new ways to improve sleep. My Doctor is using the sleep report, I mail him. Please don't and the band 2. The band is breaking for some of my friends, but that is easy to fix in band 3. Please keep the band it's a real healthace it for me.

      • Peter commented  · 

        Theo Band2 is a fantastic product, please continue!!

      • Anton commented  · 

        As iOS developer, I like MS Band 2, it the bast Band ever! Please do not discontinue

      • fengyj commented  · 

        my band 2 is broken, and I'd like to buy band 3, but now I have to buy a band 2 now. it's too sad...

      • imran commented  · 

        I have to agree, apart from the strap splitting, for me its the best on the market, come on MS listen to your customer

      • James Holman commented  · 

        Design a app that will work on a treadmill. I do most of my exercise in the gym

      • james commented  · 

        Band is head and shoulders ahead of the rest - band 3 or equivalent please!

      • Derek Manning commented  · 

        OH,.. & I forgot to mention how sooo much better the MS band 2 & the Health app are than anything else... Please do not end band & Health app development.

      • Derek Manning commented  · 

        I too love my Band 2, or more correctly I love & hate it.
        It is without a doubt the best on the market for what I want.
        Recently I had the strap on my 2nd , 4 month old band fail.
        I took it into MS store & where as they had previously immediately replace the band due to a software failure , this time I had to go on line . It was very painful & just did not work !
        I eventually gave up & with great regret ,went back to the sotre , got a refund & walked straight to the  store & bought an  watch.
        What a mistake.... I returned it after 12 days & bought my 3rd MS band2.
        MS,.. this is a great product.
        PLEASE, do not give up on it.
        The small issues it has can surely be resolved with some more R&D.

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